OMG I'm on the front page

snoop dachshund totally looks like snoop dog

My submission Snoop Dachshund Totally Looks Like Snoop Dogg was featured on the front page of Totally Looks Like. Now if only I can get on the front page of their sister site I Can Has Cheezburger, my pathetic little life will be complete!

I found the dachshund picture at Dogs Looking Like People


Favorite Movies?

Dear guys who write "Too many to name!" when filling out the "Favorite movies" section of your personal profile on dating sites:

For chrissakes shake up that tiny peanut brain of yours and write down the first 3 or 4 movies titles that come to your staggeringly underused mind. It isn't hard.

What does that even mean, "Too many to name."? Do you have a list in your wallet with 1,500 movie titles on it? Then yes, that is too many to name. Otherwise, just start typing in the first movies you can think of.

"Too many to name."? Are you afraid that your list is so verbose that it won't fit in the web site's text input field? Well, Mr. Data, just start typing until the input field is filled. If your entire list doesn't fit, so what? It is not teh end of teh worlds ZOMG. An incomplete favorites list is not going to count against your GPA or invite an audit from the IRS. These silly little quesions are just supposed to give others a general impression of your tastes. Think about it. A guy who answers with many romantic comedies on his list is revealing something about his personality and mindset that is quite different from a guy who gets pumped by action/adventure or war-themed movies. You know what that "Too many" answer reveals to me? You are just lazy.

It also tells me a few more things.

  1. You probably have commitment issues. If you can't even commit to a few favorite movies in your life, how are you going to commit to me?

  2. You may be too dumb to follow simple instructions. The prompt on these sites never says "Make a comprehensive list of every movie you've ever enjoyed!" It just says "Favorite movies." A person with any level of intelligence greater than that of, say, a mushroom can infer that the intention here is to simply gather a few movie titles - not to create a miles-long exhaustive list.

  3. You are probably prone to lying. You don't actualy have any favorite movies. If you REALLY had favorites that you are passionate about, you would jump at the chance to name them and talk about them.

  4. You and I probably will not get along because you are obviously not a movie person. See #3 above.

So, sorry. I am not even going to add you as a friend or try to contact you. Unless you are really hot. In which case I am going to start dating you and then wonder why we are such a bad match for each other.